Hosting An Outdoor Party can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. are a lot of fun and a great idea, especially in the Spring and Summer when the weather is just right. Apart from heavy rainy days, nothing can spoil these events and even if it does, the outdoor party can move indoors.

Have A Theme

Outdoor parties can have themes. Is it going to be a casual thing or celebrating an event? Such as Cinco De Mayo? Will you be hosting a beach party or an outdoor picnic? Think about the style of the party so you can decorate around the theme. A Casual BBQ could do the trick, too

Sending Out Invites

Some things to consider before you send out invites:

  1. Will it be a day or night party? This is so the guests can be prepared for the hot day in the sun or an evening out.
  2. Dress for the part – do they need to dress up for a theme that you had in mind? This is a common thing if you want to consider a theme party, as stated in point 1.
  3. Potluck – Are they supplying the food, and bringing it over potluck style? Or are you preparing all the meat and fully stocked bar?

Cleaning up the patio

Keep an eye out under the tables and chairs, for insects such as Spiders and bugs. The last thing you want is a creepy crawler on your guests and them screaming. (I know you pictured this in your head and chuckled a tiny bit)


You may decorate with things such as: (click links to go straight to Amazon)

  1. Umbrellas – Outdoor Styles to keep the shade in, or smaller ones around the corners so people can stand. Check out our suggestions below.
  2. Flower Pots – Not only do they smell good, but look great too. Many different types of flowers to get here & here.
  3. Cushions & Fabrics – There are a ton of different types of cushions for outdoor use. Perhaps stick with a color theme if you need one. If you’re having a pool party, perhaps beach balls / towels may be a good idea. Some suggestions below.
  4. Candles & Portable lanterns – For night use, this is self explanatory. Nighttime lights can set an awesome mood for an evening outdoor event.


Sometimes its good to make sure that citronella candles are in place too. Some suggestions below. They keep pesky flies clear of food so you can hang your raw bacon in peace.


Keep them cool but accessible. This is very important. There are some awesome Rolling coolers available or you can get an Igloo Type one too. Some suggestions here. If you’re looking to do this on the cheap end of the spectrum, how about an un-used barrel or a recycling bin?

Furniture (or lack thereof)

If you got enough chairs and tables to accommodate a large crowd outdoors, then go for it. If not, you can spread your rugs on the lawn to make it picnic style. This will add to an already relaxed and lazy atmosphere.


Keep it simple. BBQ is an easy choice, all is required is marinating the meat and grilling it. Men are good for this. Snack foods such as hummus pita bread, nachos and small bites are really easy to spring up together. Dessert can also be a platter in the summer. For example, a fruit platter with dipping chocolate. Yum!

Background Music

Play it in your chosen theme. If it is at night, make sure there is some space so guests can jiggy. This is the best part of Hosting An Outdoor Party – Make it unforgettable.


Check forecast on the day of the party, move indoors if necessary. This is self explanatory, but if the weatherman is wrong – be prepared to move it indoors.

Now that you got the 10 Tips to Hosting An Outdoor Party, you’ll probably find it becomes a regular event on your party calendar.

Enjoy Hosting An Outdoor Party.

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