5 Top Party Planning Tips
5 Top Party Planning Tips

Party Planning Tips

Everyone needs party planning tips. Most people do not throw parties simply because they don’t want to do all the work. Other people don’t want to miss out on all the fun, as it involves mostly being stuck in the kitchen, or running around the house doing last minute necessary things.

It doesn’t always have to be this way. There are ways to enjoy the party you host. The key element is organizing it. That’s the main reason why we made Host Plan Dine. I’m here to tell you, that there are ways you can run your party without running you to the ground.

If you can keep your eye on the prize, having fun at your own party, then you can organize it in a way where you actually can enjoy your own party right along with your guests.

If you’re willing to take the time to get organized before the main event, then you can enjoy it. That’s just the key. Without saying much more, here are some party planning tips to help you out.

Party Planning Tips #1 – Making the list

Make a master list of everything you got to do and purchase for your party. Using this list, you can easily create a timeline which allows you for time to clean, declutter, shop for food and decorations, cook, etc.

Party Planning Tips #2 – Food, Food, Food

One of the most important factors in our party planning tips is to decide on the food, the how and the what. Are you making your own food? Are you buying it prepared/catered?

Some things like trays of veggies and meat, cakes – can be purchased rather reasonable and unless you know how to make a killer recipe on those, it’s not worth while to spend time making it at home.

You should look at the actual costs as well as your timeline when you are making the choice. Make this decision early and stick to it.

Party Planning Tips #3 – Do a little bit of potluck

When your friends tell you, let them bring something – your natural inclination would be to say no, its okay. I know how that feels. But, this is something you should really take advantage of.

Having a few people bringing just one simple dish to share with the crowd can save you a lot of time. It will also save you a ton of energy and stress. If everyone you invite to the party are close friends and family, you can suggest they bring their signature dish if its something you think or they think everyone in the room will love.

Party Planning Tips #4 – Buying ahead of time

The easiest way to explain this, is to shop as far ahead of time as possible for non-perishable items. Save your last day shopping for things like fruits, veggies, flowers or breads from the bakery.

Party Planning Tips #5 – Hire a pro!

There is no shame in admitting the obvious; i hate cleaning my house. My party is approaching and I just don’t want to deal with it. I like the F&B stuff. So, my theory is, outsource when you can. There is nothing more to this than getting your home professionally cleaned the day before the party.

Now that you got my party planning tips in order, I hope that once your big day arrives – you start to delegate tasks to people who ask if they can help you, or to your spouse or to your kids, in some form or another.

The key element to an enjoyable party is to organize, do the best that you can do by yourself, and letting others help you when they ask.