A great way to ensure that your next dinner party is really memorable is by sending your guests home with unique party favors. These are something that you can put together well in advance, and will not need to distract you at all on the actual day of your party.

Monogrammed Sugar Cookies

Monogrammed sugar cookies are so easy to make, but look elegant and expensive. Whether you bake the cookies yourself, or buy a large batch of them, all you need to do then is ice them, and then use an edible powder to stencil on a letter of your choice.

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Mason jar cookie mixes are a thoughtful gift, and are inexpensive to put together. Traditional chocolate chip cookie mixes will always be appreciated, but you can always adapt your mix to other recipes too. After you have purchased your one-quart mason jars, try making just one mix, so you can test it out and make sure it all works. Simply combine 1 1/3 cups of flour, with ¾ tsp baking soda and ¾ tsp salt, before pouring it into the jar and pressing it down until its firmly packed and level. Then, add in half a cup of white sugar, followed by ¾ cup of brown sugar, making sure to pack down each layer. Finally, top the mix with one and a half cups of chocolate chips, before sealing the jar. You can also print off cooking instructions, as well as a personalized message for each guest, and then tie these onto the jar with a ribbon or some twine.

Handmade Red Wine Lollipops

Handmade red wine lollipops are fun and unique, and can be beautifully packaged in cellophane bags, tied with a pretty ribbon. There are plenty of recipes to be found online, and, if red wine is not to your taste, you can opt for any other adult-oriented flavor instead, whether it be tequila or coffee.

Mini Recipe Book

If you always end up having to scribble down the recipes for the dishes that you have cooked for your guests before they leave, stay one step ahead by creating mini recipe books as party favors. Tiny notebooks can easily be purchased at dollar stores, and then tied with a ribbon and placed into a bowl, ready to hand out to guests as they leave.

Flower Seeds

While potted plants are great party favors, flower seeds will end up giving so much more. Choose a variety of seed packets, and then wrap each one in an easy stitch burlap bag. These can then be sealed with a plant marker, and stacked in a basket ready for guests to take home.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized wine glasses are an item that you can use during the party itself, using them as place markers as well as glasses, before washing them for your guests to take home. A fun way to personalize each glass is by dipping the foot, and a part of the stem, into chalkboard paint, and then writing a guest’s name on this with paint pens. Since paint pens are permanent, they will not leave a chalky residue, and will not wash off either. You can also provide the paint pens at the table, so that guests can personalize their own glasses themselves.

Putting together a thoughtful gift for your guests to take home after a dinner party will always be appreciated. While it is also easy to purchase a small gift for each of your guests, the handcrafted touch never fails to make it so much more meaningful, so you should try to put as much time into this as you can.