This can always seem like no matter how much you clean, or how much you organize – there is always more you could do. The main objective is mostly to keep the home clean and de-clutter the vital areas. You should understand that as long as the home area is clean and clutter-free, then your guests will be comfortable and feel at ease in your home.

That being said, even the most seasoned hostess can struggle to come to terms when trying to prepare their home for guests. For this reason, we prepared this article so that you can learn from the best; professional cleaners & organizers – on How to Prepare Your Home To Host A Party?

Do A Quick Sweep

Easiest tip may be the most obvious, but here it goes. Take a quick peek around your home and decide what you need to do. Make a mental note or if you want, take along a pen & paper to make notes for each room in your home. You might want to consider where these two locations will be and write them down:

  • closest for guests to hang their coats
  • place to store women’s handbags

Start With The Entrance

The first place you will want to start cleaning is the entrance area of your home. You simply can’t afford not to have this done later. This is the first place your guests will see in your home. From there, you can get to cleaning the living room, bathroom and kitchen area. If you are hosting a card game, you might want to get to that as well. This totally depends on what type of party this is.

Lose the attachment with clutter

Believe it or not, some people are attached to their clutter. Clutter is an interesting thing really, it can give a spotless home the visual of being messy and unclean. For this reason, it is important to de-clutter. Guests need to be able to move freely in your home, not by knocking things over your furniture. Everyone hates that. You have to be honest and critical when it comes to cleaning. Get rid of as much clutter as you can bear or if you really are attached to it, simply box it and place it in the garage for the night.

Get Help

Enlist help from your friends and family, to help you do all the tips above. You can easily assign a room/area to each person and have them be responsible A-Z. They are a great help, and delegation is key.

Close the Kids Rooms

This tip obviously applies for adults with kids, when you are having an all-adult party. it is perfectly acceptable and very normal to simply close their bedroom doors and not make a big deal about doing anything in their rooms for the party. Doing this alone, can relieve your stress for your party. In turn, stick to cleaning rooms which you absolutely must clean because guests will be in them.

Consider The Type of Party

If your party is not the formal type, consider using casual but high quality paper plates, and casual serving dishes. (Edit: We added some suggestions to link to such items based on requests we got from our readers)

You may want to also decide if its a pot-luck, BBQ type event rather than a sit-down meal.

Prepare For The Inevitable

No-one is perfect. There will be people with food and drinks, spills and stains. No need to lose your s*** over it. The easiest way to deal with it, is to be completely prepare. Have a small box with cleaning supplies which you can use to clean up and wipe down any messes that occur in the party.

Add A Personal Touch

If you are reading this far, congratulations. The worst part is over!

It is now time to go around your home and add back your small stuff to give it a personal touch. They make your home comfortable and inviting. Some suggestions include:

Last but not least, this is not a tip – but be prepared and have a back up plan. I hope these tips help you in your quest on “How to Prepare Home To Host A Party?”

Now sit back and enjoy the party you are hosting.