While a dining table always makes a dinner party easier to plan, there is no reason to steer clear of hosting a dinner party just because you do not have one. From using cushions and Ottomans to making clever use of all of the space in your home, these tips will help you to plan and throw a successful dinner party without the use of a dining table.

Make Use of Cushions and Pillows

If you do not have enough chairs around your home, do not feel afraid to make use of cushions and pillows, as these are fantastic for providing some extra, comfortable, seating. A great way to store these is in a large wicker basket, and leave this out for guests to help themselves to, so that they can choose their own seating.

Use Your Coffee Table

Even if you do not have a dining table, you likely have a coffee table, or other types of tables, around your house. Make use of these for your dinner party, either scattering cushions around them, or using them to serve a buffet-style meal on. Ottomans are also great for placing trays onto, and, once the food has been cleared away, it can then turn into an extra seat.

A Self-Serve Windowsill Bar

If you are hosting your party in a relatively small space, then you do not want to be spending the entire evening rushing around trying to fill everyone’s drinks. A self-serve bar takes care of this for you, and can easily be set up on a windowsill, as this will be easily accessible, and will encourage circulating rather than clustering. If you have never set up a self-serve bar before, click here for a few extra tips.

Standing-Friendly Food

Since many of your guests are likely to be standing while they eat, make sure that your menu contains plenty of standing-friendly food. Spanish tapas dishes are always a great idea, as are kebabs, both of which can feature both meat and vegetarian options. Other great finger foods include prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, stuffed piquante peppers, sliders, bite-sized meatballs, mini tarts, flatbreads, and a variety of different dips.

A Bathtub Bar

While a bathtub bar may not exactly scream elegance, this all depends on how you do it up. When surrounded by twinkling candles and filled with bottles of champagne, a bathtub bar can immediately take on an air of luxury, and will definitely provide an extra talking point for your party!

There is no denying that throwing a dinner party is so much easier with a dining table, but, if you are willing to get a little creative, there are many ways in which you can throw a fantastic party without a table. When planning the party, keep your guests’ comfort in mind as much as possible, as this will help to ensure that it is a huge success.