A good hostess will always want to ensure that her guests are enjoying themselves, and the best way to see how they are truly feeling is by taking a look at their body language. While learning how to read and understand body language can be quite a complex topic, here are a few simple tips to get you started.

Raised Eyebrows or Pursed Lips

Raised eyebrows or pursed lips usually signal one of three things; surprise, worry or fear. Whichever may be the case for your guest, you can assume that they are feeling quite uncomfortable, so it may be time for you to step in and take control over the conversation.

A Genuine Smile

While your guests are likely to be smiling quite a bit, there are ways to tell whether or not this smile is actually genuine. Just about anybody can form a fake smile with their mouth, but a real smile involves the eyes, which will crinkle at the sides, while everything from the eyebrows to the eyelids, and sometimes even the whole head, will turn upwards.

Direction of Legs and Feet

Taking a look at the direction at which your guests legs and feet are pointing can tell you so much about whether or not they really do want to be at your party. People tend to point their legs and feet in the direction that they want to go, which is something that has come about after years of evolution, with humans needing a quick escape. If your guests have their feet facing inwards towards your party, then you can assume that they are happy to be there, while those who have their legs pointed towards the door may be looking for a way to make a quick exit.

Mirrored Body Language

A great way to decipher whether the conversation between some of your guests is going well or not is by checking whether or not they are mirroring each other’s body language. Whether they are all leaning towards the same side, or have their legs crossed in the same way, this is something that people subconsciously do when they feel a bond with another person.

Exaggerated Nodding

Many guests often end up feeling insecure at parties, and, if this is the case, a good hostess will do her best to make them feel as comfortable as possible. If you notice that one of your guests keeps nodding and agreeing with others, but in quite an exaggerated way, this could signal that they are feeling anxious about is being thought of them, and are seeking approval.

Reading body language is quite an art, and it can take years of practice to become proficient at this. However, these five tips can still be used at your next party, as they will give you a great idea as to how your guests are really feeling, and whether or not they are enjoying themselves.