5 Classic Vegetarian Dishes for Your Next Dinner Party
5 Classic Vegetarian Dishes for Your Next Dinner Party

If you tend to mainly cook meat-based dishes, having to cook for vegetarians can seem like quite the challenge. To help you out, we have rounded up some classic, ever-popular meat-free dishes that are bound to please even the choosiest of guests.

Tomato Soup

Warming yet light, tomato soup is perfect for the summer months, but works equally well in the winter. Of course, basil is the perfect herb to accompany a tomato soup, so try roasting your tomatoes first with some basil to add more intensity to the overall flavor. When it comes to the stock that you use, remember to stick to a vegetable stock, but choose one that is relatively light, as you do not want the vegetable flavors to overpower the tomatoes.

Broccoli and Swiss Cheese Casserole

Broccoli and Swiss cheese casserole is an easy dish to make, especially if you are looking to make it in advance. The beauty of this dish is that there are so many possibilities when it comes to variations, from the different types of cheeses and herbs that you can use to other vegetables that you can add in.

Tofu Dishes

Tofu is a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians, and can easily be cooked up in so many different ways. Try to keep your dinner party theme in mind when choosing a tofu dish, as this ingredient can really be adapted to just about everything. Whether you create a simple mushroom and grilled tofu salad, barbecued salt and pepper tofu skewers, or a glazed and pan fried tofu steak, there are so many options available here.

Vegetarian Lasagne

When made correctly, a vegetarian lasagne can easily rival its meat-based alternative, and provides a filling and hearty meal. When it comes to the vegetables used, you can pick anything that you like, although Mediterranean vegetables, from aubergines and courgettes to peppers and mushrooms, are fail-safe options. Feel free to experiment with different cheeses, from Gorgonzola and ricotta to mozzarella and parmesan, or even pecorino if you are seeking a more assertive flavor.

Mini Caprese Salad

A Caprese salad is a summertime classic, but using cherry tomatoes instead of larger varieties intensifies the flavor even more. To make the dressing, simply combine lemon juice, garlic and basil in a food processor, before adding in some extra virgin olive oil to create a smooth consistency.

Cooking vegetarian food does not need to be difficult, and these are all dishes that even avid meat-eaters would enjoy. From a light and healthy tomato soup to a decadent lasagne, these dishes will definitely be appreciated at your next dinner party.