Choosing a Dinner Party Theme
Choosing a Dinner Party Theme

Planning a dinner party can definitely be stressful, but choosing a theme that you can follow throughout helps everything to fall into place so much quicker. Whether you end up opting for a traditional theme, or something more creative, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Movie or Book Themes

If you have a favorite movie or a book, or if there is one that is especially popular at the time of your party, this could be a great theme for your evening. If you choose a movie or book that is already quite food-focussed, such as Eat, Pray, Love, which initially centers around pasta, or Chocolat, which is all about a female chocolatier, this makes your task even easier. Even movies that do not feature much food, such as Harry Potter, can still be fun to work with, as you can create everything from treacle tarts to cauldron cakes.

A Color Theme

Color themes are popular, as it is always fun to plan a menu, as well as decorations and a dress code, around a certain color palette. A lemons and limes theme would feature yellows and greens, while black and white is another popular option. However, keep in mind that the food that you cook does need to fall in line with the color palette that you pick, so do not pick any colors that are too crazy.

An Ethnic Cuisine

Choosing a cuisine from another country to focus your dinner party on is always a great idea, as chances are your guests will then be able to try foods that they have never eaten before. Whether you opt for Japanese, Mexican, Thai, or Indian, focussing on a single cuisine will really help to tie your whole menu together, while making it easy to add in appropriate décor.


The farm-to-table movement is one that is rapidly expanding, making this a great trend to adopt for your dinner party. Make sure that all of your grocery shopping is done at your local farmer’s market, so that you really are supporting local farmers at the same time. Try to showcase these wholesome ingredients as much as possible in your dishes, and keep the décor relatively rustic, with plenty of fresh flowers.


Vegetarian foods do not need to be boring, but, if your guests are avid meat-eaters, chances are that they will not usually eat a vegetarian meal. This could be a great opportunity to teach them about just how delicious vegetarian food is, and there are plenty of recipes to be found online that are guaranteed to appeal to meat-lovers too. You could also include some vegan dishes, explaining the differences between the two to your guests before they start eating.

A Historical Theme

There are certain eras of history that lend themselves perfectly to becoming a dinner party theme, such as the Prohibition Era. Alternatively, you could look into Flower Power, or the Victorian Era, or even the Roman Empire. Finding food ideas from each of these periods of history should be relatively easy, although you may want to adapt and modernize the recipes that you do find.

When choosing a dinner party theme, it is always a good idea to keep your guests in mind, as you will want to pick a theme that they are bound to enjoy. Whether this may be a meat-free dinner party or one centered around a popular movie, these theme ideas will no doubt make your party even more memorable.