Expert Dinner Party Tips from Seasoned Hosts
Expert Dinner Party Tips from Seasoned Hosts

If you do not frequently throw dinner parties, having to host one can seem quite intimidating. To make your life a little easier, have a read through these useful dinner party tips, which have been put together by seasoned hosts, who have thrown hundreds of dinner parties between them.

A Case of Wine

While you may think that having each guest bring a bottle of wine would take away one of the aspects of planning your dinner party, you will never quite know what selection you may end up with. Instead, spend some time searching for a reasonably priced wine that you enjoy, and then order a case of that for your party. Make sure that you also have a few bottles of sparkling wine on hand, so that you can put a glass of this in the hand of each guest as they walk through the door, enhancing the celebratory feel of your party.

Easy Snacks

Once your guests start to arrive, your attention will already be split between entertaining them, while ensuring that the food is almost ready to be served. It is always a good idea to have snacks available before the meal, as this will also cover you in the case of any kitchen mishaps or guest delays, but be sure to choose snacks that are easily prepared in advance. Marinated olives are extremely easy to prepare, and have quite the fine dining appeal to them, while candied nuts are a tasty way to jazz up an ordinary cheese plate.

A Sundae Bar

Extravagant, handcrafted desserts will always be appreciated, but this is sometimes not possible, especially if your main course is already time-consuming enough. To save yourself some time and stress, put together a sundae bar that your guests can then help themselves to. You can include everything from fruits and candy to nuts and sauces, just make sure that you have enough bowls and spoons.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins may require more effort, but they really add such a classy touch to the table. To make them stand
out even more, take a look through a few online napkin folding guides, and create new, unique shapes for each party you host.

A Children’s Table

If children are going to be attending your dinner party, it is always a good idea to have a separate children’s table for them. This is a treat for both the parents, who are able to enjoy some child-free time, as well as the children, especially if you add a few extra touches to their table. Whether this may be special condiments, such as a gravy boat and cheese sprinkles, non-alcoholic cocktails, or paper napkins and crayons, a children’s table will enable the adults to enjoy the party with far fewer interruptions.

When throwing your first few dinner parties, it is always a good idea to soak up as many tips as possible from seasoned hosts. Whether these may be related to food and drink or guest entertainment, try to learn as much as you can to ensure that all of your parties are a roaring success.