How do you throw a good cocktail party?

How do you throw a good cocktail party? There are three things you need to know that are most essential to your success.

  1. Guests
  2. a Well-Stocked Bar
  3. Fun

If you’re here, you want to know how do you throw a good cocktail party . To plan a cocktail party, you may decide you want to have this one on a weekend when you have time on your hands. But what’s the fun in that? It’s called hump day for an obvious reason, but midweek drinks are just as fun as the other days. There is definitely not enough time to make and send out invitations. So lets dive into ways on how you can plan a last minute cocktail party.

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 1 – Call Everyone

You should call (or these days text) – they reply quicker – everyone you want to invite. All of them won’t make it and you should realistically expect that they have plans so maybe 60-80% of people would actually show up. Depending on how much booze you stocked for, it might be worth to invite about 20-30 people so that you have enough of a crowd to independently mingle without you having to babysit.  Give your guests a start and finish time. Cocktail hours usually last 2 hours, but you can always make it 4. (i.e. Notice how Happy Hour is usually from 4-9pm?)

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 2 – Make A List

List, Organize & Be a Dork –  This is imperative if you are going to get anything done last minute. That means, post it notes on the fridge (or around your house). It doesn’t matter what memory you have, last minute plans require this. As soon as you’ve called your guests, decide on your menu and off to the grocery store.

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 3 – Snacks

Snacks? Check. Where are they? Freezer? Even better. That will be less cooking for you. If you don’t have any, it’s also fine. You will want some finger foods that you can make easily or purchase from the store. Check out this article here for more.

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 4 – Liquor Supplies

Check your liquor cabinet. I should have put this on the top, but I would have to bet that you are got to this page with liquor fully stocked. Moving along, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do you need to replenish?
  2. Where would the bar area be, to serve cocktails? Pro Tip: If you can’t set up a separate bar and do not want to serve anything more complicated than a champagne cocktail you can get away with an ice-filled cooler for drinks. This works well if you are having your cocktail party outside in summer.
  3. Do you hire a bartender or can one of your friends play the chameleon i.e. barman? Being last minute, you might have to opt for the latter.

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 5 – Liquor Type

Here comes the part where you want to satisfy everybody’s needs – don’t do that. And don’t stress yourself about it either. Decide on a few cocktails to be served and stick with it. If you are throwing your party due to an event (Superbowl, Cinco De Mayo, Election day, etc) – then you can tag your cocktail menu with the drink theme.

Check out some suggestions on items to use with many types of events here.

Ensure that you have enough beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks available for all types of fussy taste buds. Another thing you want to need to have enough of is glassware around the house. If you don’t have enough, you can head over to your local store or pick them up online (if time allows) – some suggestions here. They will come in handy anyway, wherever you buy them from for the next time you have a party.

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 6 – Keep it Clean

This one is straight forward and it depends on the size of your home and limitations you have with time. Simply put, here are some suggestions:

  1. Tidy your house the day before.
  2. Put away as much furniture as possible
  3. Have a solution to clean up quickly should something drop/spill around. As mentioned in one of my previous articles:

“No-one is perfect. There will be people with food and drinks, spills and stains. No need to lose your s*** over it. The easiest way to deal with it, is to be completely prepare. Have a small box with cleaning supplies which you can use to clean up and wipe down any messes that occur in the party.”

How do you throw a good cocktail party? – Tip # 7 – Music and Tidbits

Music – you can’t have no music around the place. Light music will do. If you have a dance floor or can make one, make it happen. There are so many ways to this I won’t get into it. Be creative and make the party rock. Fill up ice cube trays or buy ice.

I hope you enjoyed my guide. Now when anyone asks you “How do you throw a good cocktail party?” – You know the answer.