How do you throw a good dinner party ?

Are you wondering how do you throw a good dinner party ?

That’s the finish line. But what do you do to get there? Instead of asking yourself, “How do you throw a good dinner party ?” – we wanted to make this simple for you.

1. Pick A Suitable Day

My first tip for you in knowing “How Do You Throw a Good Dinner Party” Starts here.

Around the world, dinner parties usually happen on Saturdays. But, there is no fixed day or time. Friday and Saturdays tend to be the best time to do this.

It sounds insane, but there’s a lot of upside on having a Friday-night party. This allows you to strategize your week, planning it throughout the week instead of doing it all in one day. This tip is very suitable for those who are hyper organized. Your execution just becomes a breeze.

2. Keep It Simple

Make it a cocktail party, or make the appetizers. (hors d’oeuvres). Doing both yourself, will make the party planning un-necessary difficult. You can opt to buy the appetizers and offer simple drinks.

3. Booze

Make a big batch of alcohol so everyone gets nice and tipsy by the time food arrives. There are plenty of options on this.

You can make a pitcher of these strawberry gin smashes in less than 10 minutes. Get the recipe here.

The best part of this is that you don’t need to restock, head back to the fridge – just pour, mix and bam.

4. Have An Awesome Crowd

There is no magic number, but we recommend 8 people. This makes the dinner party nice and cozy. And hopefully have some real meaningful conversation. If you have all strangers, not that its a bad way to introduce and meet new people, but you’ll give yourself some heavy lifting. Chemistry is just as essential for a dinner party.

You need someone who is provocative and lively, funny. If you can get all of those in one person, make sure you invite him/her. Your evening will be a breeze.

Invites are usually sent out with a 3 week lead time. People have trouble remembering about a dinner party that’s too far out and tend to overbook themselves, especially if their work-week is jammed.

5. Do only one thing at a time

I totally get the temptation to do many things. However, limiting yourself to a single dish that requires less action as possible. A suggestion: You can get all ingredients ready for the salad by Thursday, then throw it together when everyone is over for cocktails.

6. Adults only

If your kids are little, and they are (in the best way possible) – little troublemakers, book a sitter. If they are a bit older, then include them in the hosting. They can also help around to answer the doors and offer appetizers. When cocktail hour is over though, send them off to bed.

7. Delegate Wisely

Divide up the work; trying to do everything yourself is going to drive you mad. You will realize soon that having even one dish taken off your plate makes hosting your party much more doable. Many of your friends will have signature dishes and they would help you out in a jiffy.  You can have your panic attacks in private now. 🙂

8. Wine

It’s important to get the wine right to make everybody happy, not to mention pairing. If you don’t know your A’s about wine, don’t attempt this.

Here’s an idea! In a store near you, is a wine shop. You can share your menu and budget, let them choose what you’ll drink, and they deliver it. Sounds simple enough?

9. Music

When it comes to music, leave it to Spotify, or your playlist – and forget it.  If that is not you, then find someone to handle it.Everyone has a music person in their family, and have them handle it.

Turn it on and don’t think about it again. The key element here is to not have repeat songs. That’s about the best advice you’ll get.

10. Downplay the errs

Never apologize. If a dish simply falls short, or the wine is rusty – have a laugh of it and move on. Don’t fret. Don’t overthink. Parties are meant to be fun, not sulk.

11. Make everyone look good

Everyone wants to be seen in a flattering light. Dim the bulbs, break own candles, let people mingle. Votives tend to be best because they don’t interrupt anyone’s line of sight.

12. Desserts

The best part. Use it to your advantage. Make this first and can be made well ahead. If you’re hosting your party on a Friday, starting this on Tuesday is completely feasible. Don’t fuss on this last minute.

You can also serve pre-portioned ramekin desserts, so you don’t have to leave the party to slice a cake.  Pick up a set of 4 here from Uno Casa. They’re colorful so it won’t be boring like the white ones too. Price ranges from $11.99 – $15.99 for a set of 4. Pick up multiple sets for a discounted deal too.

13. Meal Tags

This is an awesome suggestion. Why use a boring menu? Identify the dishes with dry erase meal tags. You can make then funny, or punny. Pick up some here.

14. Disposable Plates

Get some cool looking ones. Make your cleanup easy.  Think about it – your guests will feel more at ease too.

Now that you know how do you throw a good dinner party, i hope your party is a success. Tag #hostplandine on our social media channels to share your success.