6 Elegant Dinner Party Favors
6 Elegant Dinner Party Favors

Party Favor Ideas – 7 Awesome Ideas

Party Favor Ideas are small gifts that are given to your guests at parties. If you’re anything like me, you need help figuring out what to give to make sure the gesture is done well.

It will also help your event make their time there more memorable, especially if it’s a little special. Here is the common misunderstanding, they do not need to be expensive, and there are many inexpensive ones available if you do a bit of research. Who has time for that though? So we did it for you, right on this page. On a side note, it does help to be creative and you’ll come up with some ideas by mixing and matching them. Without further delay, here are some party favor ideas.

Gifts with Personalized Tags Or Wrappers

Giving your guests something personalized would have great meaning to them. An idea would be to use customized bottle labels that contains details of the nights events. An example would be : Thank you for celebrating our engagement. The label cab include a photo of the guest and/or couple.

Gifts with A Small Gift Personalized

Anything can be personalized. You just need to find a supplier. You could have personalized tea bags, honey pots, jars or even small journal books. Etsy And Pinterest are full of ideas for this. I am working on getting some suggestions for you, and will add them for you from Etsy as soon as I can. Another idea is poker chips, coasters… so much more. Personalized napkins or individualized place holders are always a lovely keepsake from a party.

Theme Gift

An option would be to give a theme gift that goes with your party, or give each guest a funky glass for the evening. For example, if you are having a sports themed party, or hosting the Super Bowl at your place – give your guests favors with the logos or teams colors on them. Try stickers, tattoos, pencils and horns. For particular sports like Golf, try imprinted golf balls with the guest of honor details. For Car Racing, a car in the hosts favorite color. If you are having a Beach, Pool or Caribbean party, greet your guests with a necklace of flowers or shells.

So many ideas on theme gifts!


They make excellent table decors as well as being useful as a party favor for your guests. They can be found in many styles to match your party, and also to give as a gift.

Sweet Stuff

Candies and Chocolates are always the best. You can have them individually made at home to have something that is personalized by you, or once again – order it online or through a chocolate store. You can easily also buy a bunch of Hersheys (for example) – wholesale, and customize just the bag – as we suggested in the first point. A trendy way would be to put it in a mason jar, or a specialized container.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are also not just for the Chinese people. And it could spark up a conversation between guests. 🙂

Home Gift

Favors for the house include boxed seeds, personalized sauces, potpourri sachets and miniature vases.

The list of party favor ideas are literally endless and go on and on. I will be continuously adding to this list, or making a new section for this as this is an ongoing dilemma for everyone involved.

I promised to make this easy. And it will be.