Throwing a Dinner Party on a Budget
Throwing a Dinner Party on a Budget

As much fun as it may be to host a dinner party, there is no denying that the cost of this can often significantly add up. For those of you who are trying to stick to a budget, here are a few tips to help you to make your dinner party a roaring success.

Start Planning Early

While you may usually leave your dinner party planning to the week before, you should really start to plan as early as possible if you have a tight budget to stick to. This will then give you enough time to hunt around for the best food bargains, while stocking up on any other party essentials that may be on offer. You will also be able to arrange to borrow serving plates and decoration items from your friends and family, just be sure to come up with your theme first, so that all of the other elements of your party fall in line with this.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is essential when it comes to setting an ambience, but this does not need to be expensive. No matter what the theme of your party may be, candles are always great for setting the mood, and can be used all around your table, as well as your dining room, to really add a twinkle to the evening.

Pot Luck Drinks

While you may not want to have a pot luck meal, there is nothing wrong with asking each guest to bring a drink along with them. Although you may end up with quite an eclectic selection of beverages, you could even turn this into a dinner party game, setting up a blind tasting at which guests rank the drinks that they try. The person who brought the highest-rated drink with them could then win a small prize, or even just be allowed to take home any extra alcohol with them at the end of the night.

Party Games

There are many different dinner party games out there that you could try, and the best ones often do not require much more than a pen and a piece of paper. Whether you play charades, pictionary, 20 questions, or even host a mini poker tournament, party games never fail to bring entertainment to an event.

The Food

If you have started planning your party well in advance, then you should have enough time to shop around for food bargains. However, do try to keep your menu as simple as possible, perhaps opting for just one main dish that can feed a large number of people, such as a roast meat. The sides that go along with this can be easy, and cheap, classics, from mashed potatoes to braised vegetables, just try to add in a few fresh herbs along the way, as this will help to elevate each dish to a higher level.

Dinner parties can often work out to be quite expensive, but this does not always need to be the case. With a little bit of advance planning and some ingenuity, you will have no problem throwing a dinner party on a budget, no matter what that budget may be.