Top 5 Apps for Sending Party Invites
Top 5 Apps for Sending Party Invites

When it comes to sending party invitations, convenience is always a bonus. For those who want the ease of being able to create fully customizable invitations in just a few minutes, here are a few apps that you need to download.

Red Stamp

When it comes to invitations, Red Stamp has thousands of templates for just about every occasion, and has been featured in multiple magazines because of this. In addition to sending invitations via email, Red Stamp also offers you the option of having your invitations printed and mailed out, either as a batch to you, or individually to your guests. As an added extra, Red Stamp also enables you to take photos as you are opening your gifts, which are then sent to the guest that sent you said gift.

Paperless Post

The invitation designs that you will find on Paperless Post are contemporary and elegant, with creations by many top designers, including Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade. While it is possible to have your invitations printed and mailed directly to your guests, one of the huge advantages to Paperless Post is the way in which they are able to track RSVPs to digital invites, which are sent via email. This can be of a huge help to some people, especially those throwing a large party with many guests to keep track of.


Evite is another app that enables you to keep track of your guests RSVP responses, and, again, invitations can be sent out either via email or post. The app also allows you to message your guests, so that you can inform them all as a group if there have been any last minute changes that they need to be aware of.


While Canva may not have as many invitation templates as the other apps mentioned above, its advantage is the fact that it is so easy to use, making it great for those with minimal design skills to create professional-looking invitations. Once created, invitations can either be downloaded, after which you can have them printed or email them out yourself, or they can be sent via email, or shared on Facebook and Twitter.


If you enjoy staying one step ahead of the curve, then Yapp is the app for you. Rather than sending out an invitation, Yapp allows you to create an entire app for your party, so long as it is within five pages. These pages include a cover page, an invitation page, a schedule of events, a news feed for guests to post on, and a gallery of photos that you and your guests can contribute to. Once you have created your party app, you can then send a URL to guests for them to download it for themselves.

When it comes to sending out invitations, nothing quite beats the personal touch of a traditional hand-written mailed invite, but modern day technology offers so many more options. From invites created from photos and then mailed directly to your guests to an entire app for your event, keep these in mind the next time you are planning a party.